Rekha Mody

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Founder, secretary, Stree Shakti The Parallel Force
Kolkata, India

There is no tragedy greater than a woman being forced to abandon her child in order to allow the child to survive.

I founded in 1984 the children’s charity, Divya Chaya Trust, as a result of being exposed to many such children, especially girl children who were abandoned by their single mothers.  God’s natural plan is that every mother looks after her child; yet the plight of these women was such that they chose the terrible option of child abandonment.  It became very clear to me that I have to work for women’s empowerment to avoid this tragedy; otherwise my work would remain incomplete.

Hence, in 1998 I founded Stree Shakti The Parallel Force.  Stree Shakti aims at harnessing individual and collective energies of organizations engaged in human welfare. This forum, apart from providing a platform of joint action, also aims at the collection of related information. It is a movement to rouse and activate women of every class and creed and empower them with the necessary inputs to work as catalysts for fundamental social change. It is not an exclusive forum and it would like to have a helping hand from everyone, men, women and children.

  • Creating visibility of women achievers
  • Working with the grass root women –  Swayam Siddha  Self Empowered
  • Working towards an Equal Opportunity Commission

As the journey goes on, my involvement is increasing as new challenges are thrown open. It has also enhanced my commitment as now I see myself as not just a community worker but as a women empowerment campaigner.

November 2007

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