About this site

17th February, 2009 - Posted by salliegratch - No Comments

Women Founders Collective website has been designed with the goals

1) of being available/accessible to those using dial-up as well high speed internet, and

2) of providing ease of navigating through the website with a simplified yet up-to-date technology for social networking.

This website, first created in December 2006, now reconfigured in February 2009 with a totally new look, exists for every woman founder, and those thinking of starting their own NGO.  We also welcome those women who are not founders but want to learn more about becoming a founder and about our global support network.

This is the place all of us can come together and share our experiences, learn from one another.

To provide a secure website, WFC requires registration of all who expect to participate.  Once registered, users can participate fully on this website.  Women who are not registered can still read the WFC website and enjoy the offerings of other women founders.  However, we encourage women to register with WFC to gain as much as possible from what this website can offer.

As a work-in-progress, the WFC website can easily be modified to add additional categories of discussion.

All of this means: let us hear from you.

If you have ideas about how we can expand this website, please let us know.

We look forward to make the WFC website reflective of and responsive to the needs of women founders and future women founders.

The WFC Admin Team:
Sallie, Monica, Dana