About WFC

23rd February, 2009 - Posted by salliegratch - No Comments

Women Founders Collective (WFC) was created to maximize the effectiveness and experience of women founders of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) globally by connecting them, their ideas and their resources.  These connections are made primarily on the internet through our website dedicated to provide a support network devoted to women founders everywhere.  Regional face-to-face connections among women founders are also encouraged.

No matter how connections among women founders are made, WFC is there as an important resource to women founders as they birth, grow and finally let go of their NGO.

How can women get involved?
WFC welcomes women and women founders of NGOs from around the world to join our Collective.  As we continue to be a work in progress, we welcome suggestions to our development.  More important, we welcome women to step forward and join us in our work.

Please use the CONTACT US button to indicate your interest in joining our project.

What other ways can women get involved?

  • Spread the word about WFC.
  • Inform your network of women and women founders about WFC.
  • Link them to our website, www.womenfounders.org.

You are also encouraged to make a contribution to WFC.  All contributions to WFC are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.