A message from Rekha Mody, India host: January 14, 2007

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Sallie and Betsy in India Women Founders Collective “I was the first to touch the tree of knowledge first to bite the red apple… I was first to distinguish between modesty and immodesty… I was the first to break the golden shackles of luxurious pleasure. I was the first rebel banished from paradise, exiled. I learned that human life was greater than paradise. I was first to know.” Kabita Sinha

Beginning January 2007, two American ladies have ventured out of America to understand the women’s movement in India and Nepal. Stree Shakti The Parallel Force has volunteered to connect them to many women founders in these two countries. Stree Shakti is a networking movement, a collective voice of women seeking justice and equality. Stree Shakti is working for the cause of women’s upliftment and awakening, but it does not have a feminist bias. On the contrary, this organization is giving a new orientation to women power for fulfillment in life, not only for itself but also for those who come into the sphere of its influence. This organization is not working for woman as a power, but for the power, which emanates from her and sustains all human life. When we conceive of Shakti in an Indian cultural context, Shakti is capacity rather than power. She is a source of energy to man. Man can function only when his capacity is activated. No male god in the Hindu Pantheon functions without being activated by the female energy. In other words, it is concept of complimentarity between man and woman rather than that of equality. Egalitarianism has led to undesirable conflicts. Complementarities are the principle in consonance with the corresponding modern theory in physics. The entire Cosmos functions in harmony and harmony alone. The Indian way of living has been based on harmony, not only between man and woman, but also between men, women and nature. To elaborate; one harmony leads to another and brings happiness to all.’ www.streeshakti.com The trip is divided in three phases , Kolkata , Kathmandu and New Delhi. I took on the host responsibility of their trip in Kolkata. They attended the Annual Stree Shakti Awards, Sallie as a special guest explained the importance of women founders network . One day was dedicated to field visit where they visited projects of Divya Chaya Trust a member of Stree Shakti network which I founded in 1984.  www.divyachayatrust.org.in . They met up Women founders at a tea hosted by Neeru Poddar co founder of DCt , the group was diverse with women working in field of women empowerment, children with disabilities and mentally challenged children. Sallie and Besty also met women founders in private interview working in theater, writers and political issues. In total they met 11 women founders. Second phase of their trip in Nepal women founder Indra Shreshtha will link them up with other founders . In Delhi Kamal Chugh is hosting a tea on 22 January to introduce them to women founders and Kiran Modi is networking to make it a success. All three are powerful women founders, and I am sure they will make it a success. I will meet Betsy and Sallie on 27 January in Delhi and we will review the connections they have made. There is one mission to which I am dedicated is to establish a women’s Centre in India so that the networking may happen naturally and not be linked to individual or organizational initiative. I would request any one who shares my vision to contact me . “If only the women of the world would come together they could display such heroic non-violence as to kick away the atom bomb like a mere ball.” M.K. Gandhi Rekha Mody Founder Stree Shakti The Parallel Force streeshakti@hotmail.com

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